BRIGETTE JORDAAN  ~  3-STAR (1 July 2016)
My photography started 3 years ago, when I watch someone having so much fun with their camera that I thought to myself I also want to have fun.  My first camera was a Canon 450, of course I did not know how to use this camera.  I went for beginners lessons and my husband Wayne gave me the membership to Durban Camera Club for my birthday. 

Since joining the club I have learned so much from all the members.  I try to attend every single meeting as I learn from other photographers and this all just improves my photography.  I love all the topics that are given to us on a monthly basis, and I am always eager to challenge myself.  I love shooting with my Canon 50 mm lens. 

I have upgraded my camera to a Canon 70D, my lenses are a Tamron Macro lens, Canon 50 mm lens, Canon 18 – 55 mm, Canon 75 – 300 mm and Canon 100 – 400mm.  I also have a monopod and a tripod.

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