2018-06 Results

These are results from the June 2018 monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the June 2018 GALLERY
Brian Widdowson
Rory Baker
Graham Hosking


Category Firstname Lastname Club Star Rating Title Award
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR flamboyance of flamingos Bronze
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR just landded Bronze
 OP Rory Baker B-HONORS Pasa Doble Bronze
 SS Rory Baker B-HONORS Screw Bronze
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Photo Bomber Gold
 SS Ina Baker 3STAR 30 centimeters Gold
 CR Rory Baker B-HONORS Trapped Silver
 SS Ina Baker 3STAR table Silver
 SS Ina Baker 3STAR pattern1 Silver
 SS Rory Baker B-HONORS Blue Steel Silver
 NA Natalie Bowden 1STAR Tala Giraffe Gold
 OP Natalie Bowden 1STAR Jump and Slide Gold
 OP Natalie Bowden 1STAR Snail Portrait Gold
 SS Natalie Bowden 1STAR Starchy Foods Gold
 OP Natalie Bowden 1STAR Happy Mothers Day Merit
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Just a Little Higher Silver
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR All Things Bright and Beautiful Silver
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Just Around the Corner Silver
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Just Look at Me Silver
 NA Alan Crowder 1STAR From Table Mountain 1 Gold
 NA Alan Crowder 1STAR Fish 1 Silver
 OP Alan Crowder 1STAR Lighthouse 1.1 Silver
 SS Alan Crowder 1STAR Patterns Silver
 SS Kim Flack 4STAR Coloured Textures Gold
 NA Kim Flack 4STAR Weavel Silver
 NA Kim Flack 4STAR Lunch Silver
 SS Kim Flack 4STAR Dusty Old Guitar Silver
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR DANDELION SEED Gold
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR BEE ON ROSE Merit
 CR Wendy Freer P-HONORS Enchanted woods Bronze
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Spectacled weaver Gold
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Misty morning on the farm Gold
 SS Wendy Freer P-HONORS Flower pattern Merit
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Berg reflected Silver
 OP rob gasken 3STAR Lighthouse Bronze
 SS Jackie Gasken 3STAR Stripes Bronze
 SS Jackie Gasken 3STAR Shells Bronze
 SS rob gasken 3STAR Bubblewrap Bronze
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Gotcha Silver
 SS rob gasken 3STAR Leaf Silver
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Green backed heron  Gold
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Guarding the den  Merit
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Stalking  Silver
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR Palm Leaf  Silver
 SS JANICE  GASS 5STAR who is for darts  Silver
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Cookie Bronze
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Zip line rider Bronze
 OU Dianne HALL 3STAR Tasty morsel Bronze
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Super drake Bronze
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Red mosaic lamp Bronze
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Lunch preparation Bronze
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Paddles up Silver
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR New loco on Ravensglass rail Silver
 OU Dianne HALL 3STAR Love you Silver
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Pleasure bound Silver
 SS Dianne HALL 3STAR Cotton towers Silver
 SS Dianne HALL 3STAR Dappled bark Silver
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR By the Seaside Bronze
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR CHEERS Bronze
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Funny Old Couple Silver
 MO Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Me an My Chick Silver
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Sleepers Silver
 MO Graham Hosking 4STAR Elephant Bronze
 SS Graham Hosking 4STAR Subtlety Bronze
 OU Graham Hosking 4STAR Model 100 NA
 MO Graham Hosking 4STAR zebra Silver
 OP Graham Hosking 4STAR After the storm Silver
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Amethyst Bronze
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Building Gold
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Kudu Gold
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR White with Yellow Gold
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Rose Ringed Parakeet Silver
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Watching Silver
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR As the Crow flies Bronze
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Sunshine in Disguise Gold
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Life in the Jungle Silver
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR A Chilly Crested Barbet Gold
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR A Murmur of Mongoose Merit
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Kruger Park Leopard Merit
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR A Kite in Flight Silver
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Zebra crossing Bronze
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Giraffe bull Bronze
 SS Kevin Milne 4STAR Patterned pot Bronze
 SS Kevin Milne 4STAR Grate mystery Bronze
 MO Kevin Milne 4STAR Zebra male Silver
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Autumn Symphony Bronze
 CR Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Rosemaries baby abandoned Merit
 SS Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Mandala Merit
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Snow White and the Huntsman Silver
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Praying for peace in Jerusalem Silver
 MO Brian Widdowson 3STAR Thirsty Bronze
 NA Joan Widdowson 3STAR Camouflage Gold
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR The Jump Gold
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR The Silver Challenger Gold
 NA Joan Widdowson 3STAR Stalemate Silver
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Trust in Me Silver
 SS Brian Widdowson 3STAR Looking In Silver
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Overberg Sunrise Bronze
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR The Dragons Teeth Gold
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Misty Morning Silver
 SS Sharon Zunckel 2STAR Lines in the Sand Gold
 SS Sharon Zunckel 2STAR Patterns in Puddles Gold
 SS Sharon Zunckel 2STAR Patterns through water Silver
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