2018-08 Results

These are results from the August 2018 monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the August 2018 GALLERY
JUDGES  FOR  August 2018
Alan Nixon
Jacques Sellschop


Category Firstname Lastname Club Star Rating Title Award
 MO Michael Allison 3STAR aft end S
 MO Michael Allison 3STAR waiting S
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR crazy hat S
 OP Michael Allison 3STAR beach home S
 CR Natalie Bowden 1STAR A POPular Snack G
 OP Natalie Bowden 1STAR Lady B
 OP Natalie Bowden 1STAR If life gives you Lemons G
 SS Natalie Bowden 1STAR Empty your Mind B
 SS Natalie Bowden 1STAR Sunset in Currys Post S
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Early Breakfast M
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Monkey Games S
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR You are in my Way G
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Emerald Spotted Wood Dove S
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR ByrneToNcwadi G
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR Cassy on Matata S
 OU Peter Charter 3STAR Sun_peeking_At_Thompsons_Bay S
 OU Peter Charter 3STAR Dawn on Thompsons_Bay G
 SS Peter Charter 3STAR Fishermen_Thompsons_Bay S
 SS Peter Charter 3STAR Beating_The_Rocks B
 MO Alan Crowder 1STAR Fisherman BW1 G
 NA Alan Crowder 1STAR Crab 1 S
 OP Alan Crowder 1STAR Durban Pier 1 S
 OP Alan Crowder 1STAR Whales ribs S
 OU Alan Crowder 1STAR T Bay 1 B
 SS Alan Crowder 1STAR Seascape 1 G
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Sometimes I wish I was a Giraffe G
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Elephant S
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Elephant G
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Bee Eater G
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Zebra G
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Drongo G
 NA rob gasken 3STAR Barbet G
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Picture Perfect S
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR crash landing  S
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR The house where nobody lives S
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Bad hair day S
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Flower attraction B
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Lynn S
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Locust on me S
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR What do you want B
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Early autumn colours B
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Frosty days start B
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Twentieth Centuary London B
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR In the Pink G
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Ahoy there S
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Cinque Terra S
 MO Graham Hosking 4STAR Majesty G
 NA Graham Hosking 4STAR Bee Flight S
 NA Graham Hosking 4STAR Seed sowing time S
 NA Graham Hosking 4STAR Bushmans Neck Sunset S
 OU Graham Hosking 4STAR Thompsons Bay sunrise B
 SS Graham Hosking 4STAR Southern Berg Farm Track B
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Simple G
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Winter in Clarens M
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Navashka S
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Golf Course in Clarens M
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Sunrise in the making B
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Road to nowhere B
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Daisy Butterfly G
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Crow S
 NA Peter Lambert 4STAR Weaver in Flight S
 OP Peter Lambert 4STAR Orchid S
 SS Peter Lambert 4STAR Seascape Wind Surfers S
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Chinspot Batis Take Off M
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Malachite Kingfisher G
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Acacia Pied Barbet M
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR River Patrol G
 MO Kevin Milne 4STAR Zebra brothers B
 MO Kevin Milne 4STAR Gentle giant S
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Orange glow B
 NA Kevin Milne 4STAR Gymnogene display S
 CR Heide Smallwood S-HONORS going home is not far just near by M
 MO Heide Smallwood S-HONORS when compassion meets M
 MO Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Killer look M
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Flappers S
 NA Sandy van Heerden 1STAR European Roller M
 NA Sandy van Heerden 1STAR I See You S
 OU Sandy van Heerden 1STAR Sunrise S
 SS Sandy van Heerden 1STAR No Filter G
 SS Sandy van Heerden 1STAR Spray S
 CR Brian Widdowson 3STAR Red Moon Rising M
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR Star Attraction B
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Let Me Out S
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR Abandoned G
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Vigor Island G
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Taking the Bend S
 NA Brian Williams 4STAR Snail on leaf B
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Lunar eclipse S
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Triple moons B
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Moon in my hands B
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