2018-11 Results

These are results from the November 2018 monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the November 2018 GALLERY
JUDGES  FOR  November 2018
Brian Widdowson
Des Porter
SET SUBJECT :  Macro Close Ups
OUTING : Stainbank Nature Reserve


Category Firstname Lastname Club Star Rating Title Award
 OP Rory Baker B-HONORS Red Feet Bronze
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Trunk Gold
 OU Rory Baker B-HONORS Working it Out Gold
 MO Rory Baker B-HONORS model 38 Merit
 SS Rory Baker B-HONORS Penny Stinker 1 Silver
 CR Diane Cassells 1STAR Puppets on a bike Gold
 NA Diane Cassells 1STAR Cheetah Pause Gold
 OP Diane Cassells 1STAR Sweet Cheeks Gold
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR The Bishops new clothes Bronze
 SS Peter Charter 3STAR Young Hoppers Bronze
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR Cloud Bank over durban Merit
 MO Peter Charter 3STAR Low tide in the harbour Silver
 OP Peter Charter 3STAR watching the sunrise Silver
 OU Peter Charter 3STAR Dew on red flowers Silver
 SS Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR LILY STAMENS MACRO Bronze
 SS Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR MACRO Bronze
 MO Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR MODEL Gold
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR PURPLE FLOWERS Gold
 OP Lorraine Fonseca 5STAR MODEL Silver
 SS Roger Fonseca 4STAR BUSY BEE Bronze
 OP Roger Fonseca 4STAR MODEL Silver
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Female Cape Weaver Gold
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS In a field of yellow Gold
 SS Wendy Freer P-HONORS In search of nectar Merit
 SS Wendy Freer P-HONORS Protea close up Silver
 SS rob gasken 4STAR Flower Bronze
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Wildcat Gold
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Rhino Silver
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Cheetah Silver
 OP rob gasken 4STAR Empty Stadium Silver
 OU rob gasken 4STAR Grass Hopper Silver
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR rock Pigeon Gold
 SS JANICE  GASS 5STAR Pretty in pink Merit
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Tortoises shell closeup Bronze
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Honey Maker Bronze
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Geranium Bronze
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Staghorn Fern Bronze
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Spit everywhere Bronze
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR On a mission Gold
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Hello Gold
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Exotic Beauty Gold
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 4STAR Water everywhere Gold
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Three on One Gold
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Crested Guineafowl Gold
 SS Keith Marallich 5STAR Butterfly and Bee Gold
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR The Bird Nose Merit
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Two by Four Merit
 OP Kevin Milne 4STAR King protea Bronze
 OP Kevin Milne 4STAR Kulula landing Bronze
 OP Kevin Milne 4STAR White rose Bronze
 OP Kevin Milne 4STAR Cresting the wave Bronze
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS dont step on my heart Gold
 CR Heide Smallwood S-HONORS Enchanted Forest Merit
 OP Heide Smallwood S-HONORS lone piper Merit
 MO Heide Smallwood S-HONORS the librarian Silver
 SS Heide Smallwood S-HONORS cogs and spring Silver
 SS Sandy van Heerden 2STAR close up Bronze
 SS Sandy van Heerden 2STAR kogs Gold
 NA Sandy van Heerden 2STAR Breakfast Silver
 SS Sandy van Heerden 2STAR Skiers Silver
 SS Sandy van Heerden 2STAR Sprinkles Silver
 CR Brian Widdowson 3STAR The Jump Bronze
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR Maureen Bronze
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR Haloween Gold
 MO Brian Widdowson 3STAR Danger Silver
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Durban at Night Gold
 NA Joan Widdowson 3STAR Heron Silver
 NA Joan Widdowson 3STAR Preening Silver
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Seydisfjordur Silver
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Blue Street Walking Gold
 SS Brian Williams 4STAR Aloe and Bee Gold
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Three Ladies Merit
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Lock and Window Silver
 OP Brian Williams 4STAR Three doors Silver
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Grumpy Cheetah Bronze
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Taking Off Gold
 OP Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Top of Sani Gold
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