2018-12 Results

These are results from the November 2018 monthly competition, all images can be viewed in the December 2018 GALLERY
JUDGES  FOR  December 2018
Rob Gasken
Geoff Feldon
SET SUBJECT :  Colours
OUTING : Mitchell Park Botanic Gardens


MO Rory Baker Behind the Scene G
NA Rory Baker Elephant 17 G
NA Rory Baker Red Eye S
OP Rory Baker Model 34 G
SS Rory Baker Red B
CR Diane Cassells out of the blue G
MO Diane Cassells but I love you G
NA Diane Cassells Cheetah cub M
OP Diane Cassells two handbags one ponytail G
OP Peter Charter Monique - 1 G
OP Peter Charter Fishing at Sunrise G
OP Peter Charter Late Afternoon Durban S
OP Peter Charter Sunrise from Monteseel S
OU Peter Charter Mitchells Park Path to Coffee S
SS Peter Charter Andy Warholl Salad G
NA Ishbel Cowan Frozen S
NA Ishbel Cowan Delphinium S
NA Ishbel Cowan Light from Above G
NA Ishbel Cowan Trees S
NA Alan Crowder Pine 1 S
OP Alan Crowder Bike moving 1 S
OP Alan Crowder Naxos 2 S
OP Alan Crowder Grave 1 B
SS Alan Crowder Bright colours 1 B
MO Kim Flack Tinker Fly B
OU Kim Flack Love Flowers S
OU Kim Flack Strike a Pose S
OU Kim Flack Im just a skater boy S
SS Kim Flack Colourfully Cheeky G
SS Kim Flack Who is a pretty boy then G
MO Lorraine Fonseca MODEL G
OP Lorraine Fonseca TULIPS S
OP Lorraine Fonseca HYDRANGEAS S
OP Lorraine Fonseca MODEL S
OP Rob Gasken Waterfront Sunset S
OP Rob Gasken Mist over Harbour S
OP Rob Gasken Misty Evening B
NA Janice Gass Zimanga Male G
OP Janice Gass Cape Fisherman G
SS Janice Gass Sun Bird G
SS Janice Gass Cyclist in the flowers S
SS Janice Gass colours G
MO Carol Hayward Fell Charmer S
MO Carol Hayward Fell Steal a Kiss Whenever you can B
SS Carol Hayward Fell Octopussy B
SS Carol Hayward Fell Rainbow monkey B
SS Carol Hayward Fell Sea Horse B
NA Brigitte Jordaan On the look out G
OP Brigitte Jordaan Trying to sleep S
OP Brigitte Jordaan Happy Couple B
OU Brigitte Jordaan Beautiful and Strong G
SS Brigitte Jordaan Having lunch together G
SS Brigitte Jordaan Rainbow Lorikeet G
NA Peter Lambert Busy Bee B
NA Peter Lambert Busy Bird B
NA Peter Lambert Goose Reflections B
OP Peter Lambert Diwali Fireworks S
SS Peter Lambert Bright Colours B
NA Keith Marallich Battle Weary G
NA Keith Marallich Hitching a Ride G
NA Keith Marallich Lines and Angles G
NA Keith Marallich Bubble Bath G
OP Kevin Milne Rain drops on rose B
OP Kevin Milne Bee pollination B
SS Kevin Milne Pretty flowers B
SS Kevin Milne Proud peacock B
MO Heide Smallwood I am Dance G
OP Heide Smallwood the twenties G
OP Heide Smallwood Dreadlocks S
OP Heide Smallwood in my garden S
NA Sandy van Heerden Licking my chops M
OP Sandy van Heerden Bubbles S
OP Sandy van Heerden Family time G
OU Sandy van Heerden Peacock G
OU Sandy van Heerden Who you looking at S
SS Sandy van Heerden Pretty in Pink S
OP Brian Williams Big Sky G
OP Brian Williams General dealer G
SS Brian Williams Blue fountain B
SS Brian Williams Palm pond S
SS Brian Williams Coloured doors S
NA Sharon Zunckel New Life G
NA Sharon Zunckel Baboon G
NA Sharon Zunckel Lilac Breasted Roller G
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