2020-03 Results

 CR 1 Michael Allison 3STAR cute face S
 CR 2 Michael Allison 3STAR having fun G
 CR 3 Michael Allison 3STAR the race is on G
 MO 1 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Giraffe at sunset G
 MO 2 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Handsome G
 MO 3 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Whats for Supper B
 MO 4 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Lonely Zebra S
 NA 1 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Life and death S
 NA 2 Natalie Bowden 3STAR Snake S
 NA 3 Peter Charter 4STAR Where my house plans S
 NA 4 Peter Charter 4STAR Stream in Japanese Garden B
 NA 5 Peter Charter 4STAR Water drop mushroom S
 NA 6 Peter Charter 4STAR Wall of remembrance B
 NA 7 Peter Charter 4STAR Resting in Peace S
 NA 8 Peter Charter 4STAR Beware of Falling Coconuts S
 NA 9 Shan Charter 4STAR Guess What I am Eating S
 NA 10 Shan Charter 4STAR Sand Fingers S
 NA 11 Shan Charter 4STAR Shades of Amber S
 NA 12 Shan Charter 4STAR Almost Home M
 NA 13 Lynn Cooper 3STAR Sting Ray B
 NA 14 Ishbel Cowan 2STAR hello mate M
 NA 15 Ishbel Cowan 2STAR In the forest B
 NA 16 Ishbel Cowan 2STAR Rhinos B
 NA 17 Ishbel Cowan 2STAR sunset on the beach S
 NA 18 Ishbel Cowan 2STAR help unhook me S
 NA 19 Eugene Dey-van Heerden 4STAR Downstream B
 NA 20 Eugene Dey-van Heerden 4STAR Rapids S
 NA 21 Eugene Dey-van Heerden 4STAR Winterscape G
 NA 22 Eugene Dey-van Heerden 4STAR Contemplation B
 NA 23 JANICE  GASS 5STAR Reach for the sky  S
 NA 24 JANICE  GASS 5STAR Hide and Seek  M
 NA 25 JANICE  GASS 5STAR Bird on Proteas  G
 NA 26 JANICE  GASS 5STAR Very Serious. J
 OP 1 Dianne HALL 3STAR Cake came second E
 OP 2 Dianne HALL 3STAR Harbour portraiture B
 OP 3 Dianne HALL 3STAR Lion mascot E
 OP 4 Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Piazza Navona E
 OP 5 Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Cheers B
 OP 6 Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Portugese Monastery G
 OP 7 Carol Hayward Fell 4STAR Contemporary Roman Art S
 OP 8 Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Water drop cradle B
 OP 9 Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR String of water pearls S
 OP 10 Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Got you E
 OP 11 Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Daisy M
 OP 12 Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Side by side S
 OP 13 Peter Lambert 4STAR Dragonfly Pending Liftoff B
 OP 14 Peter Lambert 4STAR Bluff Seascape S
 OP 15 Peter Lambert 4STAR Early Morning departure Virginia M
 OP 16 Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Silhouette S
 OP 17 Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Monitor G
 OP 18 Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Dagga Boy M
 OP 19 Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Bring it On M
 OP 20 Keith Marallich 5STAR Yellow Fronted Canary M
 OP 21 Keith Marallich 5STAR Wild Dog Profile M
 OP 22 Keith Marallich 5STAR Pushing and Shoving M
 OP 23 Keith Marallich 5STAR Three Banded Plover M
 OP 24 Alta Neethling 1STAR No Smoking M
 OP 25 Alta Neethling 1STAR Boy sliding B
 OP 26 Alta Neethling 1STAR Smile B
 OP 27 Alta Neethling 1STAR Sunrise G
 OP 28 Alta Neethling 1STAR Birds eye view S
 OP 29 Merle Prinsloo 1STAR camels G
 OP 30 Merle Prinsloo 1STAR Tomb stone S
 OP 31 Merle Prinsloo 1STAR palm tree B
 OP 32 Merle Prinsloo 1STAR Pole in desert S
 OP 33 Merle Prinsloo 1STAR military gravestone S
 OP 34 Heide Smallwood G-HONORS water drop collision S
 OP 35 Heide Smallwood G-HONORS our home B
 OP 36 Heide Smallwood G-HONORS contortionist S
 OP 37 Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Elizabeth M
 OP 38 Heide Smallwood G-HONORS skatepark S
 OP 39 Frederick Turck 2STAR Do not touch the exhibits B
 OP 40 Frederick Turck 2STAR Stair chairs G
 OP 41 Frederick Turck 2STAR Yawn G
 OP 42 Frederick Turck 2STAR Reflected buildings G
 OP 43 Frederick Turck 2STAR Spiral down G
 OP 44 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Close Up S
 OP 45 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Stack G
 OU 1 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Detailed Daisy G
 OU 2 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Whiskers G
 OU 3 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Serene S
 OU 4 Sandy van Heerden 3STAR Birds eye View G
 OU 5 Brian Williams 4STAR Exhausting M
 SS 1 Brian Williams 4STAR Gazania S
 SS 2 Brian Williams 4STAR Golden gushers S
 SS 3 Brian Williams 4STAR Rapids coming up S
 SS 4 Mark Zunckel 3STAR The best are on the top S
 SS 5 Mark Zunckel 3STAR Milky water G
 SS 6 Mark Zunckel 3STAR Morning mist S
 SS 7 Mark Zunckel 3STAR It is a long way to the top S
 SS 8 Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Egyptian Goose S
 SS 9 Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Little Boy S
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