2015 Year End Function


The 2015 Awards Function was a great success, lots of thanks to everyone input especially to Ron, Jannette and Marion who worked really hard with the arrangements and the table decorations were awesome!! Also thanks to all the wives, husbands and partners of our Members for joining DCC for this grand occasion. 

We were privileged to have Francois Rousseau, President of PSSA as our Guest of Honor together with Nevil Tyler, Regional Director of KZN PSSA, both of whom handed out awards on the night.

This year DCC chose The Pink Phoenix Cancer Foundation (www.pinkphoenix.co.za) as it's recipient  of funds raised at the Annual Awards Dinner.  About R2500.00 was raised ..... huge thanks to everyone that was there.
Special mention....

Wendy Freer (FPSSA, APSSA)

Special mention must be made of Wendy Freer who received the highest ranking of Platinum Honors at DCC and also received the Infinity Badge for her contribution to photography to DCC over many years.

Wendy's name has also be put on to the agenda for the 2016 AGM in a motion to have her inducted as an Honorary Life Member.

Wendy's other awards on the night included:
Top of the Log and Best Senior 2015 - Outings
Rory Baker

Photographer of the Year 2015
Best Photo of 2015
Best Senior 2015 - Monochrome
PSSA - Silver Medal - best club photo for Junior:
PSSA - Most Salon Acceptances in the club:
PSSA - APSSA Certificate and badge
Lorraine Fonseca
Louisa van Niekerk
Heidie Smallwood
Best Photo 2015 - Overall:
Best Senior Open:
Best Senior Wildlife  Nature:
Best Senior Monochrome:
Best Senior Creative:
Best Senior Set Subject:
Best Senior Outings:
Nest Junior Open:
Best Junior Wildlife / Nature:
Best Junior Monochrome:
Best Junior Set Subject:
Best Junior Outings:
Rory Baker
Craig Young
Keith Marrallich
Rory Baker
Heide Smallwood
Heide Smallwood
Wendy Freer
Roger Fonseca
Cathrine Nobrega
Catherine Nobrega
Eugene Dey-van Heerden
Kim Flack
A huge thank you and appreciation to all DCC Members for their contribution throughout the year.
Also a huge thank you to all the judges involved during each monthly competition.
Then finally a thank you to the judges involved in the final selection:
Kevin Mullins - OTRCC
Derek Gravett - Scotsburgh CC
Steve McCurrach - WCC
Leon Heyes - PMBCC
Geoff Feldon - WCC
Francois Rousseau - PSSA
Most Salon Acceptances:
Top of the Log:
Most improved Photographer 2015:
Presidents Award - Wooden Spoon:
Louisa van Niekerk
Wendy Freer
Shan Charter
Bronwyn Smith

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