2020-11 Results

CAT NAME Surname Club Star Rating Title AWARD COMMENT
 NA Ina Baker 3STAR Skillie the Lepherd B Nice minimalistic shot.  Try and crop one third of the foreground, not quite sharp enough.
 NA Ina Baker 3STAR Stoot die Boom S Love the capture showing the destructiveness of elephants.  Well captured with good composition, however the pic is soft throughout and grainy.
 OU Ina Baker 3STAR Sleeping Beauty S The focus and exposure is ok in the image, but can do with a bit more contrast. The rhino is very central and to me is a record shot. 
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Never look back G Nice crisp Pic, good angle, love the space and depth
 NA Rory Baker B-HONORS Red Bishop 12 S Very vibrant image, not much detail in the dark areas
 OP Rory Baker B-HONORS Red Scarf M Very good, striking portrait. Lighting is very well done. The red and black works very well together.
 OP Rory Baker B-HONORS Monteseel 43 S Very good composition and I like that the sun is peeking just past the branch. The aperture used makes a nice star burst. The image is very sharp. What let the image down is the sky that is over saturated in the orange and the blues.
 OU Rory Baker B-HONORS Rhino 33 G A good composition and I like the low angle. The focus is spot on. The two Oxpeckers and the water streaming from the mouth add to the image. The light is a bit flat and adjusting levels adds a lot more punch to the image.
 NA Peter Charter 4STAR Skink sunbathing B Interesting image of Skink.  Like the diagonal.  There is not detail in the dark areas around the eye and head.
 OU Peter Charter 4STAR Rhino buddies drinking G I like the low angle and the different vantage point. Exposure is ook, but is about a third of a stop too dark. The focus is good.
 OU Peter Charter 4STAR Rhino and egret taking a stroll G Focus is pin sharp and you can see a lot of detail in the skin. The exposure is a bit under and can be fixed in post. It is a record shot, but the Egret adds something extra to the image.
 OU Peter Charter 4STAR Leguaan at the hide G Good composition, exposure, focus and interaction. The flicking tongue adds add to the image and makes it less static.
 OU Peter Charter 4STAR Proud Alpha Male Impala G Good composition and the focus is spot on. There is good separation from the background. The image is slightly under exposed.
 SS Peter Charter 4STAR Egyptian Goose swimming S Lovely image with a very interesting reflection.  The head is out of focus and it can do with lighening up the shadows.
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR More than a mouthfull G Beautiful shot of this thief caught in action. Like the entred composition.  Could do with more detail in the feathers and hear in the peak
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR Thats the one I want M Stunning pinn shark image, very good work.
 NA Shan Charter 4STAR African Wattled Lapwing S Nice crisp focus on the bird with great detail, the background does not do the bird any favours.  The diagonal lines compete with the subject.
 OU Shan Charter 4STAR Keeping an eye on you G Well composed and good focus on the eye. The light is very soft and you needed to push the iso high. This resulted in a bit of image quality loss.
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Cute Bulbul G Stunning image, great composition, lovely background.  Good detail in the feathers.  In lightening up the shadows a little you will also get more detail in the dark areas (feet and head)
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Baby zebra B Lovely image of the baby zebra, like the angle you have taken.  Image looks over sharpen, could do with mre space in-front
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Ellie G Super image, like the square format and composition, great detail in the skin, good seperation from the background.  I would lighten up the shadow a little.
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Who will win S Good image with some action. Composition is spot on. Image is slightly over sharpened and I would bring more detail out the dark areas on the buck on the left.
 OU Ishbel Cowan 3STAR A rare view S A real bum view. The composition, exposure and focus is good, but the image lacks impact. Your eye also bounces between the two zebra's. 
 SS Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Trees M Beautiful autumn golden hour pic with great composition and lovely reflection.  Good focus, great work
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Tail flapping M Wonderful shot, good detail and composition, love the green grass in his mouth.
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Me and my shadow M Great moment captured very well. The composition, focus and exposure is spot on. That bag can be so easily blown out. Eye contact would have been the cherry on the cake.
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Berg sky G A great scene handled very well. The whites in the clouds are perfect. The boats are a bit close to the bottom of the image and could do with just a bit more foreground.
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Giraffe S Great action shot and good composition, however the focus is in the background
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Rhino Calf G Beautiful pic, love the center composition, well exposed.  Dropping the shadows will bring out more detail in the dark areas and the Eye will be visible.
 NA Jackie Gasken 3STAR Bug Off S Nice portrait, good exposure with nicely blurred background, slightly overexposed, lightening up the shadows and dropping the highlights and a tighter crop will improve the picture.
 OU Jackie Gasken 3STAR Wild Dog S Well done on capturing a wild dog. The image is quite under exposed and the wild dog is very soft.
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Eagle B Nice shot of the eagle, can do with lightening up the shadows, there is a blue cast on the whole pic.  The tree trunk on the left blcks the direction the eagle looks into
 NA rob gasken 4STAR King Fisher S Lovely image, however soft focus through out.
 NA rob gasken 4STAR Giraffe B Interesting profile of a giraffes head.  The shadows are too dark and there is no detail around the eye mane and mouth
 OP rob gasken 4STAR Teddy B The image is well composed and the teddy in fron is sharp. The image is quite under exposed and flat and can be improved quite a lot with some adjustments. 
 OU rob gasken 4STAR Buck S You got in nice and tight on the buck, but maybe a bit too tight as the chin is very close to the bottom edge. The branch over the nose is a bit distracting. The focus is good. The image is flat and with levels adjustments you can bring a lot of pop into the image.
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR Red Billed Queilla G Excellent image with good composition and colour pallet
 NA JANICE  GASS 5STAR White Fronted Bee Eater M Stunning shot of the bee Eater, good detail and nice separation from back ground.  If you drop the shadows a little there is even more detail in the dark areas.
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR Biker Boy G Image is well composed and very sharp on the eye. Exposure is very good.
 OP JANICE  GASS 5STAR Little Rascals G A moment well captured showing the situation of the times as well. Focus and exposure is good. 
 MO Michael Gill 3STAR Buffalo G A good composition with good exposure though the background can be toned down a bit. I like the low angle and that there is a bit of action with the water running from the mouth. There are good tones in the image.
 NA Michael Gill 3STAR Water Buck B Good image of the buck.  If shooting parts of an animal it is better to crop tight. I can see this was taken at midday under very difficult  conditions, strong shadows and highlights, difficult to rectify in post.
 OP Michael Gill 3STAR House Sparrow S The placement of the bird is good in the image and the focus on the bird is good. There is good separation from the background. The white is very near to being blown out and shouldbe toned down. Crop a bit off the bottom of the image as well.
 OP Michael Gill 3STAR Caught in morning Shower B A nice close up macro image. The water drops add to the image. The image was either cropped a lot and deteriorated the image quality or you missed focus completely as nothing is sharp in the image.
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Injector steam in rainbow S A clever idea to capture the rainbow in the spray. The image is not properly in focus and the bottom of the image is very bright.
 OP Dianne HALL 3STAR Mother earth S A good idea, but you composition let you down a bit. The sculpture is the main and only subject in the image and can be placed central. The plants in the foreground add depth, but the dead flower is distracting and seem to be the focus point as it is sharper that Mother Earth.
 OU Dianne HALL 3STAR Sharp memory S Nice soft light on the elephant. Composition is good. The image is a bit flat though and the main issue is that the whole image is out of focus.
 OU Dianne HALL 3STAR Starting to braai B They look very engrossed with what they are doing. The image is very flat and out of focus. I am not sure if this is a crop of the image as there is a loss of image quality in the image.
 SS Dianne HALL 3STAR Orchid reflected in old gutter B Nice image.  There is a lot going on and I had to llk for the reflection of the Orchid. A selective crop will enhance this image and calm it down overall.
 SS Dianne HALL 3STAR Vendor display jersey S Lovely image with lots of depth.  The green highlight inside the carriage distracts the eye.
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Tree removal G The image is very busy, but adds to the storytelling. The tree feller is sharp and flying wood chips add to the drama. Tone down the exposure a bit to reduce the bright areas.
 OP Gerald Hall 3STAR Inchanga crash G A very dramatic image. Good exposure and focus. The top of the image can be toned down a bit. I like that you included the stones on the road to give us an indication what the truck was carrying. 
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR A splash of red S A good subject that has a lot of fine detail. Unfortunately the focus on the stamens has been missed and the reds are a bit over saturated.
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Lady in blue B The composition is fine for a portrait shot. The image is a bit under exposed, but the main issue is that there is nothing sharp in the image. The eyes are the most important in a portrait and should be sharp.
 OU Gerald Hall 3STAR Nice juicy munch S I like thecomposition and the fact that you left space the the feet in the grass. There is action in the image, but the image is flat and also out of focus.
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Loco side reflection B Interesting image.  Not much of a reflection visible.  The hightlights are blown out and the image could do with a crop to take away the copper pipe on the right.  There seems to be nothing really in focus.
 SS Gerald Hall 3STAR Preserved coach reflections S Good execution of the theme.  Love what is going on here.  Watch the highlights on the crumpled up plastic.  Straightening the image would put it into the next level.
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Spotted Thick Knee S Nice shot of the spotted thick knee, could be a little sharper and more seperation from the background.
 NA Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Imbrasia Moth G Nice shot of moth.  There is even more detail in the highlights if you drop those a little. Nice one.
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Singing Away B The xposure on the bird is good with detail in the blacks, though some of the reds are over saturated. The main issue is that there is nothing in focus in the image. This is another instance of a long focal length of 600mm and a very slow shutter speed of 1/80. Those two do not work well. Raise you ISO, drop your f-stop and use selective focus on the eye.
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Busy Bee B A nice close up of the bee. The image is very flat and I think the white balance is off. The main issue is the bee is not in focus. The focus seem to be on the petals just past the bee.
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR What you looking for B Also a nice low angle and a good composition. The image is a bit bright, but what let you down is that the rhino is not in focus.
 SS Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Mirror Mirror G Good interpretation of the theme, love the diagonal detail in the feathers is been lost towards the bottom.  Colour noise is visible in the background.  Maybe a different background would enhance this image
 CR Marshall Lambert 1STAR Accidental Renaissance  B Had a hardlonglook at this picture, can not really see any creativity in the story, as for the technical aspect, it it is a composite of the 2 woman (same person) different times, this very well executed.
 OP Marshall Lambert 1STAR How to Survive a Pandemic G There is good story telling in this image and relevant  to our times. At 1 star we look mainly at focus and the girl in front is in focus. Try not to cut off the feet and reduce the area above their heads. Keep you main subject in the frame by not cutting them off like you did here. Maybe try a landscape format then you can also leave room for them to move into.
 OP Marshall Lambert 1STAR Vrede en Lust G A good landscape with great drama in the sky. I like the way the lens you used compressed the distant mountains right up to the foreground. The oldness of the wine farm is juxtaposed with the modern technology of the solar panels. The clouds are a bit bright and can be toned down just a bit.
 SS Marshall Lambert 1STAR Convexation S Lovely creative execution of the theme showing the effect of convex surfaces, cropping the image at the top and bottom will bring out the reflecting even better.  Dropping the shadows will bring back some detail in the dark area.
 SS Marshall Lambert 1STAR More Wine Please G Very pleasing image with lots of reflection showing.  The image is alittle on the dark side, could do with dropping the shadows in post. 
  Marshall Lambert 1STAR Reveries J Great image and composition, can see some shadows but not much reflection.
 OU Mary Landsberg 3STAR White Rhino Horn G Good composition, focus and exposure.
 OU Mary Landsberg 3STAR Rhino grazing G Good composition and exposure with beautiful golden hour side lighting showing a lot of texture in the skin. The image is sharp as well. 
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Estuary Reflections S Lovely golden hour image with a great reflection meets the theme perfectly.  There seems to be no real point of interest.
 SS Mary Landsberg 3STAR Measure up M Great simplicity and execution of the theme.  Good work
 NA Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Still Hare S Lovely crisp pic for the 2 Grasses creating an X in-front, try and get the whole Hare into the pic next time.
 NA Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Cheetah Hunt S Great shot Cheetah licking its lips.  Pic is over saturated and the green grass distracts in the background.  Photo is slightly soft.  Crop is also very tight.
 NA Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Lazing Lion S Nice photo, like the natural frame and sharpness.  Photo is overexposed, no detail in the highlights.  A different crop would improve the overall appearance.
 NA Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 1STAR Stretching Cheetah G Lovely capture and great story, Shooting in harsh conditions means that the  highlights are too bright and the shadows too dark, this can be rectified by dropping the highlights and shadows in post.
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR If You Gotta Go G Stunning lucky shot, great detail in the feathers and throughout.  Maybe lighten up the shadows a little, white border is too strong.
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR At Sunset S Good silhouette, image with a lovely mood, fringing is visible bright white border is distracting.
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Emerald Spotted Dove G Beautiful shot of the dove, pity the emeral spots are out of focus.  Love the artistic background.
 NA Keith Marallich 5STAR Cross Legged S Good pic of the lioness approaching walking like a model on stage.  Lovely golden light captured.  The whole could do with a little sharpening.  The bright white border is a little too much 50% or less would do.
 NA Alta Neethling 2STAR Yellow billed kite S Nice shot of the Kite.  A tighter crop would do the bird more justice.  Slight noise and soft focus, due to the Kite being too far away.
 NA Alta Neethling 2STAR Rhino and baby  S Lovely capture of the Mother with her baby. Hint: if you capture parts of an animal, a tighter crop is more pleasing.  Image is also over saturated.  Great effort.
 NA Alta Neethling 2STAR Wildebeest  B Lovely portrait like the crop and vignette. The oveall quality is very grainy and not sharp enough.
 OP Alta Neethling 2STAR Early morning hunting S Love the idea and the set up that made for a good silhouette image. The composition could be improved a bit. Rather have the sun behind the archer instead of the bow which will eliminate the bright spot. The trees cutting into the silhoutte of the person is distracting, find a cleaner backdrop.
 CR Heide Smallwood G-HONORS horses on carousel come to life at night M Lovely work and story.  I personally would have the horse and girl seperated from the background.  It is very 2d now.  Love the texture as well. Nicely executed.
 NA Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Bee on flower G Nice shot of a busy bee, could do with a little more vibrance and lighten of the shadows to get more detail on the bees back.
 NA Heide Smallwood G-HONORS young Hammerkop G Great shot of a teenage with a bad hairstyle.  Very little separation from the background, lightening up the shadows will make a difference.
 OP Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Lovers 2 in the midst of all change distress  G Good storytelling that suits our current situation well. The composite is well done. The focus is spot on and the lighting on the models is very good.
 SS Heide Smallwood G-HONORS the baptism G Great story, good composition and excellent interpretation of the theme.  The whole pic is very noisy and colour noise is visible due to lightening up the picture in post production.
 NA Frederick Turck 3STAR Weaver S Nice shot of what a male weaver does best.  Good composition, pic is slightly overexposed, try dropping the hightlights, you will see the difference.
 NA Frederick Turck 3STAR Reed Frog M Excellent image, great colour pallet and composition,spot on exposure.  I would lighten up the eye just a little.
 OP Frederick Turck 3STAR Reflected - Not Reflected S I like this image and it has amazing reflections. The focus is spot on. Composition wise it can be improved by tilting the camera down a bit and including the base of the tower. There are two images in this composition. My eye is drawn to the person on the left and that would have made a stronger image by shooting in portrait mode and having the person as the subject and eliminating the tower.
 OP Frederick Turck 3STAR Aerial Landscape S Good composition and exposure is ok for this time of day. There is no real focal point besides the pool of water.
 SS Frederick Turck 3STAR Reflected Heron G Excellent handling of the theme, love the calm mood.  There is not enough detail in the feathers and in the shadows to push it inot a higher award. 
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Sun on my back G Beautiful image with great light and exposure. The fisherman isa bit close to walking out the frame though. I love the sea spray above the waves.
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Hopping good lunch M A great capture, but you cannot help but feel sorry for the poor frog. Pin sharp en well composed with good separation from the background. Maybe crop just a bit off the top.
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Young Lions S Well exposed and composed. The colours are vibrant and the mural tells a story. To me the boy does not fit in with the message and the fact that he is looking out of the image is not helping either.
 SS Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Mirror Image M Excellent interpretation of the theme.  Good angle and nice balance
 SS Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Golden Morning S Nice early morning mist shot, radiating calm.  The reflection takes second stage here and the whole pic is soft.  The highlights are well handled.
 MO Brian Widdowson 3STAR Castle Ruins S A great image with a good composition. A typical chocolate box image like they say. There is a lot of different textures and detail in the image. Tonality is quite good, but the light areas are too bright and the sky is a bit blown out. There are also signs of over sharpening with halo's around the edges of the building and the trees.
 OP Brian Widdowson 3STAR Ronda G A good composition with a good lead in line to the bridge and the village beyond. The exposure is well handled with all the bright buildings in the image. Sharpness can be imprived a bit.
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR Closed S An image that tells a bit of a story and makes you intrigued as to the history of the place due to the date of 1903 on the building. It is very well maintained for it's age. The image quality has let the image down though as it needs overall clarity to the image.
 OP Joan Widdowson 3STAR The Avenue  G A nice country seen with soft light. The path leads your eye through the image and makes you curious of what lies beyond. The image can do with a bit of satuarion to lift the colours in the trees.
 MO Brian Williams 4STAR Bulls eye B Nice close up of the buffalo and the tick ads a nice touch. The image is very flat and there is very little in focus, especially the eye. Have a look at your settings. You had a focal length of 590mm and a shutter speed of 1/80th. You need a shutter speed of at least 1/800th to get a sharp image. Your f9 could have been opened up to 5.6 and your exposure compensation was set to -2 ev. All these setting contributed to such a low shutter speed.
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR From the bridge S I like the moodyness in the image. The sky is quite ominous. The river is a good lead in line and the rock adds some interest. The images does feel like it is leaning to the left and needs some leveling out. The bright areas in the sky and on the river needs to be toned down as well.
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR Truly Gorgeous Shrike S The composition is good and the exposure is ok. It was very dull and gave you flat light. The high iso has resulted in loss of quality. The main issue is that the focus is not spot on on the bird.
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR Feeling the cold G Composition is ok, though a bit central. The exposure and focus on the bird is good. I love the background and how it separates the bird.
 OU Brian Williams 4STAR Just the three of us G I like the low angle. The Egret also has something in it’s mouth that makes it a bit different. The focus is fine, but the image is a bit under exposed and flat.
 NA Mark Zunckel 3STAR Lappet-faced vulture S Great image of the vulture.  Pity it was so far away as the overall quality suffers.
 NA Mark Zunckel 3STAR Alert Stone Chat B Cute image of this little bird.  Fully extended Zoom brings down the overall picture quality (noise and focus) like in this case.  Like the vignette.  If you drop the hightlights you get more detail in the white feathers.
 OP Mark Zunckel 3STAR Mpila sunset S A good sunset image that is well composed. The branches lead your eye to the sun. The image is under exposed and can improve with levels adjustments in the mid and light tones. Foreground detail appears and the red colour in the sky also pops.
 OP Mark Zunckel 3STAR Garden visitor G The Loerie is fairly sharp and well exposed. The image is a bit busy with the inclusion of all the branches on the left. Crop or shoot the image on portrait orientation for a stronger image.
 OU Mark Zunckel 3STAR Resting vulture S Good composition and focus. The image is a bit flat and and could do with some levels adjustments.Watch out for over doing the burning on the tree branch below the bird.
 SS Mark Zunckel 3STAR Reflecting gulls S Great image of gulls with good reflection.  The whole image is a little soft in focus.
 OP Sharon Zunckel 3STAR BulBul G Good composition and exposure with beautiful light. The image is sharp and the has a nice catchlight in the eye.
 OP Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Stars 1 S A good attempt at astro photography and I like the star trail but it seems to me that the focus was slightly off on the stars as they can be a little clearer.
 OP Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Stars 2 S This image is very similar to the previous astro image. The same comments apply. Try not to submit very similar images on the same night for judging.
 OU Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Mfafa Hide S A landscape image that is well exposed. The composition is a bit heavy on the bottom left. The image lacks impact as there are no animals to focus your attention on.
 OU Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Glossy Starling G Good composition and exposure is ok, but can do with some levels or contrast adjustment. The eye is nice and sharp.
 SS Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Reflections  M Beautiful image with great mood, dramatic sky and good reflection.  Sharp throughout, good work
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