2020-12 Results

 MO Natalie Bowden 3 STAR Puppy Eyes B A "record" shot of a cute puppy, Focus is good but the dark areas in all 4 corners are disturbing
 OP Natalie Bowden 3 STAR Its been a long day M fabulous image, ticking all the boxes - well done! Whites and darks on the dog well handled, as well as the foreground and background. This adds to the story, but doesn't compete with your beautiful subject. I love that the author got down low for an eye level shot, and this clever move elevated this image to merit status.
 OP Natalie Bowden 3 STAR Flamingo Walk S This is an interesting composition, with the surrounding foliage framing the flamingoes and adding value to the image. The exposure has been generally well handled, despite some blown out whites. I like the contrast of the dark greens against the white and pink of the flamingoes
 OP Natalie Bowden 3 STAR South Coast Sunrise S The sky and sea are well exposed, not always easy with the sun already over the horizon.The silhouettes in the forground do not really add value . Next time try changing your position and try to get a stronger silhouette in the foreground.
 OU Natalie Bowden 3 STAR Dinner Time B The depth of focus has been handled well but I cannot determine what you want to be the main idea
 SS Natalie Bowden 3 STAR Shady Tree S I like the simplicity of this image and the colour tones. However, the eye tends to wander, seeking a focal point. Perhaps the use of levels or shadows and highlights would bring out more detail?
 OP Peter Charter 4 STAR Early surfer S I love the repetition of the poles and street lights coming in at an angle, as well as the positioning of the surfer. However, the image is underexposed and slight adjustments, such as with the shadow slider would bring out so much texture and detail in the overall image. Remember as well that it is essential that you straighten your horizon.
 OU Peter Charter 4 STAR Heron wind ruffled feathers G The light on the beak and feathers is really pleasing and the curves created in the feathers by the wind is lovely. Well done
 OU Peter Charter 4 STAR Crocodile eye M You have excelled here. The eye & skin texture is pin sharp - Well done. I may suggest that you lighten the image by 1 or 2 thirds of a stop
 OU Peter Charter 4 STAR Flamingo portrait S Nice portrait image of the Flamingo
 OU Peter Charter 4 STAR Nyaaaaaaah__NyaNya S Talk about dramatic angles - this one is dramatic and it works well (so does the title)
 SS Peter Charter 4 STAR Lichen on Natal Sandstone G Lovely colours and texture create interest. The crack in the rock adds a strong diagonal, as well as a lead in 
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3 STAR Enjoying the kill G What a lovely story this image tells. Well captured 
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3 STAR Watch Out G Great story telling which could be improved if you had waited for the lion to react by getting up (I know its not always how it plays out) A well earned Gold
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3 STAR Pengy B Judge made no comment
 NA Ishbel Cowan 3 STAR Baby wants to play S A lovely image of the little guy - leaves a warm spot in your heart
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Cautious kudu S I personally would have concidred a 1:1 (square) crop because the dead space does not add value to you fine image
 NA Wendy Freer P-HONORS Alert letchwe S Judge made no comment
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS The last rays G A lovely scape with a beautiful, well exposed sky. The three trees in silhouette add contrast and interest
 OP Wendy Freer P-HONORS Rocky coast G I love the detail in the rocks and the soft, milky lead-in to the sea. Excellent exposure and focus.
 OU Jackie Gasken 3 STAR Weaver S The composition of this image is really pleasing as well as the colours but you lack sharp focus on the eye
 NA Rob Gasken 4 STAR Crane G Nice cranes in a well composed shot
 NA Rob Gasken 4 STAR Weaver S A very nice shot of the weaver with a clearly focused head and eye but the wing tip is overexposed
 OU Rob Gasken 4 STAR Liguan B This is a rather dramatic image which unfortunately has a focal plane that is on the shoulders and lacks the definition on the eyes and forked tongue. Your F14 aperture was just not enough to nail it 
 NA Janice  Gass 5 STAR Wild Dog Pup G A lovely image of this playful puppy
 NA Janice  Gass 5 STAR Wooly Necked Storks. S This is a good record shot but does not inspire me to award a gold
 NA Janice  Gass 5 STAR Lion Cub S Lovely image of this little fellow. The side light is really good and you handled the very busy backgrund well
 OU Janice  Gass 5 STAR Flamingo Lovers G This image is seen very often to the point of becoming boring but yo uhave done it very well. The focus on the eyes and the little beak serrations ar so sharp without loosing detail in the whites. Well done
 OU Janice  Gass 5 STAR The good the bad and the ugly S Makes no difference whether you say the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from left to right or right to left the Nikon bites the dust as the BAD every time. There should be a law againts it. Nice story telling
 OP Dianne Hall 3 STAR Chimney reflection B I really enjoy the idea of capturing a reflection, as well as the diagonal and vertical lines. Regrettably, the image is not sharp
 OP Dianne Hall 3 STAR Turning on the power B I like that the subject is moving into the frame from the left. Regrettably, some of the whites are over exposed and the image appears flat. 
 OP Dianne Hall 3 STAR Green and pink fingers S I like the contrasting pinks and greens and the angle of the flowers. The area in the bottom right hand corner is over exposed and distracting. Very easy to remove
 OP Dianne Hall 3 STAR Something interesting here s The exposure has been well handled and the texture of the skin and hair of the subject interesting.
 SS Dianne Hall 3 STAR Fingers to fungus S The texture of the bark and the shadow lines have created an interesting lead-in to the fungus. The bright ferns below compete with the main subject and do not add value. Moving closure to your subject or a simple crop could improve the composition
 SS Dianne Hall 3 STAR Mottled growth S I like the colours and the textures. The plants at the bottom of the image do not add value and are distracting. Try to move in closure or crop out during post processing. 
 OP Gerald Hall 3 STAR Quite a ride G An interesting, lovely image with so much to hold the attention of the viewer. I like the composition, with the children grouped on the left and the three fathers "protecting" those behind them. As you move up in star rating, experiment with your post processing on the sky (i.e. pull back your highlights, or try curves, or use a gradient filter) to bring out more detail in your sky.
 OP Gerald Hall 3 STAR Vintage tract trimmer G lovely subject matter. I love the contrasting red and green colours. The removal of the figure in the background and allowing more space in front of the tractor would have resulted in an even higher score.
 OP Gerald Hall 3 STAR Rainbow at sundown B I like the placing of the rainbow on the thirds . Regrettably the foreground is distracting. Try moving foreward. The image is not sharp and the horizon skew.
 OP Gerald Hall 3 STAR Minor restoration job s I like the diagonal lines caused by the angle of the engine. The blown out whites are very distracting and easily removed.
 SS Gerald Hall 3 STAR Result of humidity S An interesting image, with a strong diagonal. The bright areas in the top left hand corner are diI love the lead ins to the lichen stracting and can be easily removed. This image can also be improved further with extra sharpening.
 SS Gerald Hall 3 STAR Exposed to weather B Great subject matter and tones of green. Regrettably there are focus issues and this image is not sharp.
 OP Carol Hayward Fell 4 STAR In the Pink B Good to see authors having fun and experimenting with their post processing. However, try not to overdo the saturation and contrast as this results in so much colour that the eye struggles to find a place to rest.
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4 STAR Fungus and creepy crawly G I love the red background echoed by the red creepy crawly, well placed on the third. Composition is good with good diagonals and verticals 
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4 STAR Abstact in ble S The tones of blue are interesting and soothing. However, I would have loved to see the true colours of this image 
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4 STAR Burst of colour B I love the contarst of the orange and green. Regrettably, the over saturation and contrast has created very bright, flat patches all over, especially in the background 
 SS Carol Hayward Fell 4 STAR Garden Fungus S Lovely example of fungus and good exposure and focus. Try to move your position slightly to eliminate the distracting background on the left
 MO Brigitte Jordaan 5 STAR Here is looking at you G Well done Zebra with a really clean background doing well on the play of black on white
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 5 STAR Lunch G lovely action and lovely story.Regrettably there is a colour cast, which can be corrected by changing the white balance, or just add warmth with your temperature slider 
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 5 STAR Looking for lunch B I like the positioning of the subject on the third, but the image is not sharp. Take care to leave enough space on the bottom to allow for the Heron's long legs.
 OP Brigitte Jordaan 5 STAR All puffy S great capture and I love the contrasting colours and the diffused background. Regrettably the head and eye are not sharp. Perhaps increasing your ISO to get a higher shutter speed would result in an in focus subject?
 OU Brigitte Jordaan 5 STAR Yummo S Great focus - The out of focus areas makes the important portions stand out so well - well done
 CR Marshall Lambert 1 STAR caged lady J A lovely photo of the caged lady but entered in the wrong category
 MO Marshall Lambert 1 STAR bonnie and clyde S My congratulations on handling the lighting so well. The image is pin sharp and very pleasing
 OU Marshall Lambert 1 STAR distinguished gentleman G I love vultures and I love "the look" You captured it well
 OU Marshall Lambert 1 STAR his majesty S A lovely image. I may suggest that you darken the background little using a soft brush because the lines are a bit distracting
 OU Marshall Lambert 1 STAR prehistoric aperture G You have done extremely well here. The eye is pin sharp and really does it for me. It's just a pity you cropped the top of the image that couple of millimetres to much unintentionally cutting the top of the head
 SS Marshall Lambert 1 STAR the old and the new well spotted, exposure good and the green adds interest. A good effort
 NA Keith Marallich 5 STAR Splashing About M I love the way the water curles off the front paw and the reflections in the water. This is well done
 NA Keith Marallich 5 STAR Double Collared Sunbird G I really love this image.It has clarity, vibrance and just the right amount of wing movement - Lovely BUT I would lighten it marginally & clean the empty space just to the left of the tail
 NA Keith Marallich 5 STAR Three Zebra Race G The light - the light - Its always about the light and this one does it for me. Well done
 OU Keith Marallich 5 STAR African Fish Eagle G I really find the lighting on the feathers pleasing and the pose great...This image took me back to border duty in what used to be called South West Africa - I could almost hear the legendary cry of the Fish Eagle
 OU Keith Marallich 5 STAR Flamingo Eye Spy M This to me (and my very artistic wife) is the image that could get you the senior image of the month award. Well done
 SS Keith Marallich 5 STAR Three Tall One Short G The beautiful diffused background makes the toadstools pop.
 MO Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Framed M What a shot. I love the way that the facial lines and the mask etc. fit so well together. The slight angle of the frame makes the image draw a second and third look. The details in the black gloves and white frame speak of photographic mastery. Well done!
 NA Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Bug S A difficult Macro shot that have let you down because of the blown out spots here and there
 OP Heide Smallwood G-HONORS I will be your dream M wow, the almost under exposed image creates an eerie and scary emotion.The piercing blue eyes further enhance this image. Well done on a well composed and memorable image
 OP Heide Smallwood G-HONORS defying gravity M Brilliant! It is obvious that the author has taken care and thought to produce this image. I love the repetition of the horizontal lines and the pop of colour on the subject. Well done!
 SS Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Fungus G despite this image being almost monotone, the textures, curves, and detail add so much interest. An excellent interpretation of the set subject
 CR Fred Turck 3 STAR Lens M What a lovely image! Someone could easily use this as a logo for his/her photographic business
 CR Fred Turck 3 STAR Red Green Blue S This image is interesting and the handling of the colours have been done very well. Unfortunately the are some areas that are blown out and costing you your gold award
 OP Fred Turck 3 STAR Dancing Reflections S Good exposure and focus, with the reflections adding interest and lead ins to the image. Regrettably, the cropping of the tips of the mountain, as well as the inclusion of sky, draws the eye away from the main subject. Try to crop the image tighter, so as to eliminate all blue sky. 
 OP Fred Turck 3 STAR Surfing S The exposure is good, with lovely detail in the lights and the darks. Regrettably the subjects face is turned away and in shadow.
 CR Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Double Take G I personally love double exposures but one has to be careful to not place the point(s) of interest too far apart because the viewer then has to jump from the one to the other making it a difficult image to enjoy.
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Mans best friend S This image tells a beautiful story. The exposure and focus also well handled.I realise that sometimes this is a quick, split second shot, but I would have loved to see a little more of the subject's faces and less of their backs.
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Morning break through M lovely image, exposure and focus very good.What elevates this image to merit level is the excellent composition. Lovely lead in lines and placing of the lighthouse. The figures also add value, the fore balancing the composition and the ones behind giving perspective. Well done!
 OP Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Mielie Bug M Love the composition,and the unusual placing of the flower. Focus, exposure and clear background superb, enhanced by the constrasting colours. Well done!
 OU Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Forked Tongue S You early nailed the clarity and focus on this image. Well done
 SS Sandy van Heerden 4 STAR Magic Mushroom G The constarsting colours add impact and I like that a high fstop has resulted in plenty of detail and texture through most of the image.
 MO Brian Widdowson 3 STAR Soussesvlei G My congratulations on the monochrome conversion and a really striking image which could be done as a fine art print to grace a wall in your home
 OP Brian Widdowson 3 STAR Taking Strain B I love the story and the expression on the subjects face. Regrettably his face is not sharp. Perhaps the author could experiment with toning down or substituting a different background and thereby removing all the distracting elements. 
 NA Joan Widdowson 3 STAR Taking the Bend G Lovely action photo with a lot going for it. I do feel if you used you TONE CURVE to make the cheetah pop more it would push a lofty merit easily
 OP Joan Widdowson 3 STAR Silver Challenger G the exposure is very good and the image pin sharp. The introduction of colour on the main boat has drawn attention away from an otherwise busy, crowded scene. I would have loved to see either more, or less of the boat on the right.
 NA Mark Zunckel 3 STAR Rock face G The biggest asset of this photo is the intrigue value as you try progressively see more and more of a face. Well seen and well captured
 OP Mark Zunckel 3 STAR Gariep sunrise G lovely sunrise, and I like the wide angle. Exposure of the sky very well handled. I would love to see a little more detail in the foreground darks, so play around with your shadows and highlights to produce an amazing image
 OP Mark Zunckel 3 STAR Gansbaai splash S This is an interesting image, with so much potentail. As presented, the houses in the background unfortunately draw the eye away from the splash. Try a different position , like getting down lower. In post processing, pull right back on your highlights and you should be delighted with the detail and texture in the spash, drawing the attention to where you want it
 OP Mark Zunckel 3 STAR Alpaca portrait M I love this image, with the detail and texture on the subject, against a lovely, well exposed background. The low angle of the shot also adds more interest to this image.
 SS Mark Zunckel 3 STAR Lichen patchwork S I love the different tones of grey and the different textures. Unfortunately the eye rests on the patch of leaves and debri in the bottom right corner, so rather crop that out. Image could be sharper.
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3 STAR Kelp Gull S Nice and clear but lacks story telling qualities
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3 STAR Kagga Kamma S A beautifully clear land mass but I personally feel it would have been improved by doing a square crop to eliminate the unnecessary details on the left
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3 STAR Cheeky Little One S Good image but could possibly be improved by just cropping the rock on the right out as it keeps on making me look that way
 NA Sharon Zunckel 3 STAR Pretty Boy S Judge made no comment
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