2021-06 Results

Category Name Firstname Lastname Club Star Rating Title AWARD COMMENT
CREATIVE Natalie Bowden 3STAR Golden Glass G Something different.The textures and blended colour captured, has produced a really interesting image.
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Natalie Bowden 3STAR Frosted glass S The sharpness, colour and light variation earns this photo a silver but with no focal point the viewer is left wondering where to look and as a result it loses impact
MONOCHROME Natalie Bowden 3STAR Calm S This image just makes silver due to the good black and white conversion its setting and sharpness. However it is an image of somebody else's work and to earn a higher mark the photographer needs to add something to make it his/her own. If the photographer and sculpter are one and the same then the image is more of a record shot
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Peter Charter 4STAR Canna Lily Seed Pods G Everything in this photo enhances its quality. The lighting etched against the dark plain background creates drama. The angle of the stem which does not start from the corner (an artistic no no) adds interest and finally it is sharp throughout. Well done.
OPEN Peter Charter 4STAR Water Drop Table G Great close up of this water drop. Would have liked to have seen a more colour here to add some wow factor.
OPEN Peter Charter 4STAR Glenashley Beach Sunrise Strollers M Great picture. Composition, focus and lighting perfect.
OUTING Peter Charter 4STAR I Believe I Can Fly G Sharp, good colour and exposure all make for an excellent action shot. The focus is clearly the footballer in red. There is also sufficient detail in the face to see the concentration of the player. The background with the poles and building is unfortunate but is sufficiently out of focus so as not to cause too many problems
OUTING Peter Charter 4STAR Boy at the Skate Park S Charming portrait with an engaging smile. Sharpness and exposure well handled. The eyes are generally the most important part of a portrait and need to be emphasised. In this photo they just merge into the image and have little impact. A great improvement would have been to get the child to look at the camera. 
OUTING Peter Charter 4STAR Virginia United Under 8s  G A great action shot, sharp with exposure well handled. Background couldn't be better. The two shadows immediately above the ball are unfortunate and do cause a distraction. Manipulation is allowed and these two shadows could have been easily removed.
NATURE Shan Charter 4STAR Sleeping in the Shadows B Pin sharp. The penguin is well exposed if a little too central. But the shadows have lost all detail especially the back of the penguin which is not defined. The shadows over the face also detract.
NATURE Shan Charter 4STAR Coming Through G What a stunning photo. Sharp, great exposure, brilliant background colour all adds to the image. The subject exudes power and purpose the epitome of an elephant. The big question though what is he walking on, a wide road with no tire tracks or maybe an airstrip. If it is one of these which is human it is a major source of concern. But as the ground colour and texture enhances the photo it has been assumed to be a river bed. Cropping off the pale blue sky at the top would have been an improvement
NATURE Shan Charter 4STAR Karoo Scrub Robin M What can one say about such a photo? Pin sharp, excellent composition, tone and exposure, catchlight in the eye all add up to a stunner. The background maybe a little busy but is sufficiently out of focus so as not to distract 
OPEN Shan Charter 4STAR Sunset swim M Superb colours texture and reflections captured. Nicely done.
OPEN Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Mantis S A nice full frame with good placement of the mantis. The background is too busy though, and draws the eye.
OPEN Ishbel Cowan 3STAR The Dab G Good image. Focus and exposure are spot on with the action well captured. Consider cropping half the empty space on the right to fill the frame a bit more.
OPEN Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Bee the bum B A good attempt at capturing this bee at work, but it appears camera shake has let this image down. Your shutter speed was 1/40th of a second and the focal length was 100mm. As a rule of thumb,when handholding,  your shutter speed needs to be faster than the number of the focal length - ie 125th of a second. (On a crop sensor 1.5 times faster)
OPEN Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Living on the edge S What an amazing subject. I love this composition with the mountain dominating the frame. The person standing on the "edge" shows how small man is by comparison. The image appears to have some kind of noise or pixelation possibly as a result of cropping from a much larger image. Lighting is also  rather harsh in places. 
OUTING Ishbel Cowan 3STAR Runaway B Lighting and exposure is good. Almost well captured unfortunately missed the rear legs and tip of the tail. Regarding sharpness the tail and rear end is good, the head is not. With the horse running away difficulty level is very high so if it is any compensation the photographer scores high on sympathy.
CREATIVE Wendy Freer P-HONORS Forest impressions M A pleasing abstract image presented here. The mix of colour on the dark background works well.
CREATIVE Wendy Freer P-HONORS Pep Ventosa effect G Another good image. The central placement of the tree works for me. Nicely done ..
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Wendy Freer P-HONORS Heart bokeh G Excellent idea. The handling of colour and bokeh is outstanding. The extent of the bokeh unfortunately enhances the centrality of the heart but not enough to lose the gold. Next time with a photo like this try something different to the usual rectangular frame.   
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Wendy Freer P-HONORS Zebra design G Clever very clever. Starting with something very simple the photogarpher has created a fascinating pattern with a clear focal point which undeniably draws one's eye. As expected it is also pin sharp. 
NATURE Wendy Freer P-HONORS Kwara leopard M Wild Earth eat your heart out - this is just too stunning to be true.  Colour, composition and exposure all outstanding. Added to this it is pin sharp. This more than compensates for the static pose.
OPEN Dianne HALL 3STAR Beautiful mauve twins B Composition is good and the background has been well handled. Focus is not sharp on the flowers though, and the whites have been blown out.
OPEN Dianne HALL 3STAR Fungal cleft S Interesting colours,textures and light seen here, but the focus is soft and lets this image down. 
OPEN Dianne HALL 3STAR Sun kissed succulents B Some nice golden light seen here but the image is overexposed and your focus has let you down.
OUTING Dianne HALL 3STAR Just turned around B Lighting and exposure good. However the subject is soft whilst part of the background is sharp. Further the background is very busy and with the spectator's right leg a serious intrusion any hope of a higher score is destroyed.
OUTING Dianne HALL 3STAR Trying to swing it B Lighting and exposure good. Whilst the swing posts are sharp the subject is soft not to mention looking away. Also the photo needs to be straightened -  sloping horizon and non vertical swing posts.
OPEN Gerald Hall 3STAR Dinner scrap B Great action captured here, but the photograph is over exposed and focus on the central vulture needs to be sharp.
OPEN Gerald Hall 3STAR Tour terminal construction S I like this composition. All the elements contribute to make an interesting image.Exposure in the bright areas could be toned down a little.
OPEN Gerald Hall 3STAR Bridge of shops S Great composition with good exposure. The red roof and blue railing are interesting elements but overall a bit too much happening here.
OUTING Gerald Hall 3STAR Keep my balance B Lighting and exposure good. However the background is sharp and very busy whilst the subject is soft. An improvement would have been for the subject to look towards the photographer thus making better contact.
OUTING Gerald Hall 3STAR Off the wall B Lighting and exposure good. However the subject is soft. The background is busy and the scateboarder with the white shirt is a serious intrusion. Cropping closer to the subject would have been an improvement. 
OUTING Gerald Hall 3STAR Lost my grip B Good lighting and with the exception of the white socks and part of the bike's white frame the exposure is also good. Whilst the subject is sharp the busy background is not soft enough to prevent it seriously compromising the picture. The angle of the jump unfortunately results in the subject looking down and away from the photographer and thus the viewer. 
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Very sharp pencils B The compostion, colour and background merits a much higher score. Unfortunately only one of the pencils is sharp with two very soft. As a 5 star sharpness is expected. Stacking might have been the answer. The shavings to the right also detract.
NATURE Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Listening G Great portrait of a Zebra, sharp, with good exposure. The turn of the head has undoubtedly lifted this image, The cloudy sky is well handled as it can easily become an overbright distraction. 
OPEN Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Not too young to snap S A nice exposure with the baby croc filling the frame. Would have liked to have seen the whole head in focus.
OPEN Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Got that Ball G Some nice light captured here. The dog is well placed in the frame and the background well handled.
OPEN Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Hair or Brush S Great composition that fills the frame. Focus is soft though and a contrast adjustment is needed to bring out more detail.
OUTING Brigitte Jordaan 5STAR Exercise in the morning B Sharp and a good action shot but taken from the wrong side resulting in too much shadow. Further the busy background is also sharp resulting in severe distraction 
NATURE Keith Marallich 5STAR Primed for Take Off S Sharp with a background that successfully enhances the subject. Colours are good but the image suffers from underexposure with the shadows overpowering especially those of the dead tree where detail is lost. This also inhibits the separation of the kingfisher's tail from the timber.
NATURE Keith Marallich 5STAR Three down Two Up M What a great photo well captured freezing the action of drinking.  It is not only pin sharp but also from its composition to the complementary tones and brilliant exposure it just cries merit, well done. 
NATURE Keith Marallich 5STAR Zebra at Addo S Nice image of a Zebra, sharp but a little underexposed. It gives the impression of sloping down towards the left. A straightening of only 3 degrees makes all the difference. Unfortunately it is also static and to earn a higher mark some action would be helpful.
NATURE Keith Marallich 5STAR Rough Play B Well caught - a good action shot. Generally sharp except for the cub in the foreground which is soft not to mention its uncomfortable posture. Unfortunately as it is central to the image it plays an important role and thus does compromise the photo. The other issues are the tail of the lioness on the left. It looks like something has happened to it possibly in the processing and the photo is a little underexposed. Beware of oversaturation as the tawny lions are looking somewhat orange.
NATURE Alta Neethling 2STAR Hippo at Tala 2 S Sharp and well exposed. Munching grass creates movement which for an image of a hippo is to be commended. The background is a little distracting but due to its softness does not compromise the image. However it is the cropping that has cost a higher mark. Too much body makes the subject unbalanced. It needs the rear legs or a tighter crop. Namely the whole hippo or crop just behind the rear legs creating a portrait format or even better crop in just to the head.
NATURE Alta Neethling 2STAR Rhinos sleeping B Three subjects generally makes for a good compostion and this image is no exception. The exposure is well handled but what brings this image down is its focus. The rhinos are all unfortunately very soft and this is a critical issue. It would appear the focus was on the grass in front. Also beware of including so much cloudless sky. Its OK as a backdrop but not by itself as an integral part of the photo. 
OPEN Alta Neethling 2STAR This is my toast  B A nice full frame with the child well placed on the third, but your focus has let this image down.
OPEN Alta Neethling 2STAR Reflections 1 S Well seen picture with some interesting earthy colours. I would have liked to have seen sharper focus on the reflection in the mirror.
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Bluebells B The curve of the stem and the hanging flowers make for a very pleasing picture. Unfortunately the focus has let this photo down with nothing sharp. Also it is slightly underexposed. Finally the cropping of the bottom flower needs to be avoided.
NATURE Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Holly B Good composition with an excellent focal point but seriously underexposed. The image is generally sharp except for the front leaf and berry. Unfortunately this is a concern as the leaf and berry are so prominant. Hence only a bronze.
NATURE Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Robin Redbreast J This is a nature category and should not include human elements such as the bird feeders which dominate the image
OPEN Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Sitting in bluebells B Great idea here. I do not mind that the main subject has been centrally placed, but the background trees are a distraction and the image is too soft.
OPEN Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Tudor House G Great capture with good focus and exposure. The converging verticals do not bother me .
OPEN Merle Prinsloo 2STAR Walter Raleigh S Some good light, lines and texture captured here. Image is a little soft overall. A contrast adjustment would improve.
CREATIVE Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Staplers city M Superb image. The light and shadows captured on the "buildings" is brilliant. The background completes the picture. Well done !!
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Heide Smallwood G-HONORS screwed G Composition, colour, lighting, background and sharpness all top drawer. The angle of the photo and the verticals not being straightened normally would be a concern but with this photo seem to add to its compostion. Well done.
MONOCHROME Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Lockdown 2020 G Excellent image. The eyes are mesmerising and adds to the drama. Black and white conversion and sharpness top drawer. Perplexed as to why the faint retangular light variations have been added as they do not seem to have any rationale. Trimming the wide outer border would have been an improvement
OPEN Heide Smallwood G-HONORS Skatepark G Action has been well captured. Exposure and placement of the skateboarder in the frame is spot on.
OPEN Heide Smallwood G-HONORS frozen leaf G Unusual colours and lots of lines, patterns and textures make for a very interesting picture. Nicely done ..
OUTING Heide Smallwood G-HONORS the game B The photo is sharp and well exposed. It captures the action and expressions well. Unfortunately this image is opportunity missed. A little editing could easily impove the photo and award. Cropping in to the players makes a huge improvement -  all the sky and trees above as well as the grass in front reduce the impact of the moment. Further the cricket scoreboard to the rear needs toning down and softening or removed completely to reduce its dominance and finally the shadow coming in from the right should also be removed. The photographer is G Honours and such editing should be a walk in the park. 
CREATIVE Fred Turck 3STAR Berry Burst G Great idea here. I like the composition and that the red and green complementary colours fill the frame.
OPEN Fred Turck 3STAR Willows G A pleasing image presented here. Composition, focus and lighting all very well handled.
OPEN Fred Turck 3STAR Rock Flow G A pleasing scene very well captured. Consider cropping 1/10th off the top for a composition with clear blue water and no distractions.
OPEN Fred Turck 3STAR Bay in the Mist G Another pleasing picture. Lighting really well handled with detail visible thoughout.
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Stapel City G Great idea - shows what can be done with a little imagination. The tall staple tower creates an appropriate focal point. Sharp but a tad under exposed robs the photo of an even higher mark
OPEN Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Light House M Very good composition here. Great lighting, A foreground element, leading lines and a focal point all contribute to this well balanced image.
OPEN Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Morning Shadows G Good image with the people adding an interesting element. Cropping off the bottom third and filling the frame gives a lot more impact and adds the wow factor.
OPEN Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Getting Old S Good clean image. Composition could be improved by croppping off the top third or rotating the surfer 45 degrees. The shadows add a nice touch.
OPEN Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Golden Pollen G Super macro shot. Lighting has been well handled.
OUTING Sandy van Heerden 4STAR Race to the Finish Line M Brilliant photo. Lighting, sharpness, compostion and exposure all top drawer. The horizon is nice and straight. The subdued background improves the quality of the image. This just further adds to the argument that an odd number especially three makes for a better composition. 
NATURE Brian Widdowson 3STAR One step closer you are lunch B AWARD AND COMMENT BY WENDY: An interesting sighting of this young lion in his environment. It is effective that he is looking directly at the camera. Try lightening just the eyes to bring back some of the colour. Unfortunately, the lion is not sharp and there is a lot of chromatic aberration which is degrading the image.
OPEN Brian Widdowson 3STAR Racing S A good composition with the riders well placed in the frame. Focus should be sharp on the front riders face which it is sadly not.
NATURE Joan Widdowson 3STAR Hi G AWARD AND COMMENT BY WENDY: The selective focus is effective and draws attention to the head
area. Well done on capturing the tongue exposed and getting it so
sharp. The eye is a little soft and could be sharpened in post
NATURE Joan Widdowson 3STAR The Kalahari S AWARD AND COMMENT BY WENDY: When I look at this image I get the feeling of a vast, desolate landscape which, I think, you were trying to portray.  The gemsbok makes a good focal point and is counter-balanced by the dead shrub. All the interesting features are in the top half of the picture and I think it would benefit from a crop off the base and the right.
Creative Macro or Close-Up (non-nature) Brian Williams 4STAR Grape forks M  The simplicity of composition makes this photo. Colour and light is well handled and adds considerable value. It is sharp where it needs to be with the reflection slightly soft and a shade less colourfull ensuring the grape and not its image is the focal point. Whilst this photo receives commendation it also comes with an assumption  - this compostion has been done before but with an egg and it has been assumed the photographer is not aware of this.
NATURE Brian Williams 4STAR Elephant Feet G Tells the story of erosion. How rock can be worn away by just wind and water. Great exposure, colour and sharp virtually throughout. The composition could be improved with a little more cropping of the top as this is of little interest. Pity there is nothing to indicate scale.
OPEN Brian Williams 4STAR Leafy path S A good attempt with this low angle to show the scene but this compostion does not really work for me and lacks a point of interest. 
OPEN Brian Williams 4STAR Road to Somewhere G A scene well captured. Cropping a quarter off the top and bottom fills the frame and gives more impact to the viewer.
OPEN Brian Williams 4STAR Cool water G Lovely peaceful scene with the pier leading the eye into the image
NATURE Mark Zunckel 4STAR Proud sunbird G Outstanding capture. Colour, compostion and exposure all make for a great photo. Whilst not pin sharp it is still sharp enough to warrant gold. The issues are the cropping of the lowest leaf and a little to much space on the left.
NATURE Mark Zunckel 4STAR Flamingo portrait B The curves of the neck and beak complement each other. The out of focus background enhances the image. However the photo is underexposed and more concerning soft costing a higher mark. 
NATURE Mark Zunckel 4STAR Zululand sunset S Beautiful sunset well captured with detail visible in the foreground albeit too much foreground. The dead tree adds value but not impressive enough to improve the mark. A closer cropping would have been an improvement as the tree would be more significant and some of the foreground could have been lost 
OPEN Mark Zunckel 4STAR City lights M Super panorama presented here that ticks all the boxes. Well done !!
MONOCHROME Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Rear View B One ear up one down makes for an interesting pose, whilst the photo is sharp unfortunately the black and white conversion has resuted in a grey, flat image. The bird in flight at the top  does not add and is in fact a distraction
NATURE Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Rhino B A great capture, sharp and well exposed but unfortunately robbed by over processing. This has resulted in the rhino having a very unnatural colour more akin to metalic than hide. The grass and soil colours have also been compromised.
OPEN Sharon Zunckel 3STAR Flamingo  S Really interesting colours and reflections captured. The focus on the flamingo is too soft however.
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