2022-04 Results

Category Name Award ID Photo Title Firstname Lastname Club Star rating Honours
NATURE S Close up Ellie Cheryl Callanan 5 Star
OPEN G Fun on the beach Cheryl Callanan 5 Star
SET SUBJECT S Strong man Cheryl Callanan 5 Star
CREATIVE S Projected Pattern Tattoos Peter Charter 4 Star
OPEN B Pre Dawn Glenashley Peter Charter 4 Star
OUTING B Whalebone Pier Dawn Peter Charter 4 Star
OUTING B Whalebone Pier Pre-Dawn Peter Charter 4 Star
SET SUBJECT M Durban City Hall at Night Peter Charter 4 Star
SET SUBJECT G Durban Post Office at Night Peter Charter 4 Star
OPEN G Yacht 2 Lynn Cooper 3 Star
OPEN B Yacht 1 Lynn Cooper 3 Star
OUTING B Pier 1 Lynn Cooper 3 Star
NATURE G Lilac Ishbel Cowan 3 Star
NATURE G Im listening Ishbel Cowan 3 Star
NATURE S mother and offspring Ishbel Cowan 3 Star
NATURE B sunrise Ishbel Cowan 3 Star
CREATIVE S Acrobatic movement Wendy Freer Honours FPSSA, EPSSA
NATURE M Alert weaver Wendy Freer Honours FPSSA, EPSSA
NATURE G Spoonbill at first light Wendy Freer Honours FPSSA, EPSSA
OPEN M Racing the Duzi Wendy Freer Honours FPSSA, EPSSA
OPEN S Golf Power Jackie Gasken 3 Star
OUTING S Umhlangha Sunrise Jackie Gasken 3 Star
OUTING B Early one morning Jackie Gasken 3 Star
NATURE G Too Much Rob Gasken 4 Star
NATURE S Lotus Bee Rob Gasken 4 Star
NATURE B Coot Rob Gasken 4 Star
OPEN S Racing Rob Gasken 4 Star
OUTING S Pier Rob Gasken 4 Star
NATURE G Egret with Scorpion Janice  Gass 5 Star
NATURE S Bishop on Lotus Bud Janice  Gass 5 Star
OPEN G A Bad Egg Janice  Gass 5 Star
OPEN B West Coast Landscape Janice  Gass 5 Star
OUTING G Umhlanga Pier Janice  Gass 5 Star
OPEN S Reflection of progress Dianne HALL 3 Star
OPEN B Vandalized electric system Dianne HALL 3 Star
OUTING B Early splash of light Dianne HALL 3 Star
OUTING B Seascape outlook Dianne HALL 3 Star
SET SUBJECT G Walnut road railway building  Dianne HALL 3 Star
SET SUBJECT B Pigeon look outs Dianne HALL 3 Star
OPEN S Awaiting tender loving care Gerald Hall 3 Star
OPEN B Restoration in progress Gerald Hall 3 Star
OUTING S Pink cloud halo Gerald Hall 3 Star
OUTING B New day glow Gerald Hall 3 Star
SET SUBJECT S Cannon at old fort Gerald Hall 3 Star
SET SUBJECT B Natal commend emblem Gerald Hall 3 Star
NATURE G Check My Teeth Barbara Higgins  1 Star
OPEN S Camouflage Barbara Higgins  1 Star
NATURE G Just thinking Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
NATURE B Need a groom Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
OPEN G You found me Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
OPEN S Early Morning Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
OUTING S Dreaming of catching fish Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
SET SUBJECT S Stuck in the Shade Brigitte Jordaan 5 star
NATURE G Curious Lion Cub Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 3 Star
NATURE S Mating Lions Snarling Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 3 Star
NATURE B Painted Dogs at Waterhole Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 3 Star
NATURE E Lions Drinking Maxime Lenferna de la Motte 3 Star
NATURE M Carrion for Breakfast Keith Marallich 5 Star
NATURE G An Arboreal Lion Keith Marallich 5 Star
NATURE G I Spy With My Red Eye Keith Marallich 5 Star
NATURE S Who Woke Me Early Keith Marallich 5 Star
OUTING G Early Early in the Day Keith Marallich 5 Star
OUTING S The Day Has Dawned Keith Marallich 5 Star
OPEN S Umhanga Beach Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
OPEN S Bridesmaid Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
OUTING G Umhlanga Pier 1 Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
OUTING G Umhlanga Pier 2 Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
SET SUBJECT S Ulundi Ship Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
SET SUBJECT S Liberation Tower Zakhe Ntshingila 3 Star
CREATIVE M Fearless Soul Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
CREATIVE G Young Mary Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
OPEN S Wesley puffing up the hill Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
OPEN S as we dance with the devil asleep or dead Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
OUTING S early morning at the Pier Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
SET SUBJECT S Durban Postoffice Heide Smallwood Honours APSSA  DPSSA
MONOCHROME B Dark Rose Fred Turck 3 Star
OPEN G Tired Fred Turck 3 Star
OPEN S Recycled Fred Turck 3 Star
OPEN B Love Locks Fred Turck 3 Star
NATURE G Thirsty Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
NATURE G Its a lonely road Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
OPEN M Waiting for the fish to bite Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
OPEN S Rapids Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
OUTING S Ghosting Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
SET SUBJECT G We Remember Sandy van Heerden 5 Star
MONOCHROME S Inelegant Pelican Mark Zunckel 4 Star
NATURE S Tembe King take 2 Mark Zunckel 4 Star
NATURE S Posing Malachite Mark Zunckel 4 Star
NATURE B White-fronted Bee Eater Mark Zunckel 4 Star
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