How to Join:

If you wish to speak to a Committee Member before joining please feel free to make the call to any of the Committee - see contact information.

If you are already familiar with the Club please download the Application Form, fill it out and send it to the Honorary Treasurer by email or bring it along to the Club meeting with your joining and subscription fees.

Members of the public are welcome to visit on a club night to meet and greet with DCC Members before deciding to join the club - maximum two visits per person before joining.

Subscriptions are payable in advance to the Hon Treasurer and fall due on the first day of April of each year. The membership year shall run from the first day of April of any year to the 31st day of March of the following year. Members approved after the first day of October in any year up to last day in December in any year shall pay a pro rata subscription to be calculated by the Hon Treasurer according to the number of months left in the membership year. Members approved after first day of January in any year shall pay the normal annual fee and shall have up to 15 months membership in their first year

Types of Membership:

Membership shall be divided into the following categories

a) Ordinary members.

b) Family members (i.e. spouses and their school going children) – such members shall enjoy all the privileges of ordinary members.

c) Junior members under 21 years of age.

d) Honorary life members nominated by the Committee in recognition of their services to the Club or to photography in general, and elected at an Annual General Meeting with full privileges.

e) Country members residing beyond a 60km radius of the Durban Central Post Office.

f) Temporary members who wish to enjoy the Club’s facilities for a period not exceeding three months.

g) Honorary members – visiting members of local and international photographic societies, elected during their stay.

Membership Fees and Subscriptions:

New Members:
DCC Club Badge R40.00
Entrance/Joining Admin Fee (once off) R60.00
Annual Subscriptions:
Ordinary Member (single) R350.00
Ordinary Member Family R500.00
Junior Member <21 years old R60.00
Country Member R150.00

DCC Application Form

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